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Tell her something like: “You have very kind and beautiful eyes and I would like to get to know you.” Do not try to use various pick up tricks, just ask her out.

Be sincere, because women sense it very clearly if you are not being honest with them. I met my husband when I visited my girlfriend’s place; he was dating another girl and at first I felt very uncomfortable when he showed an interest in me.

I don’t mind them doing this; especially Italians because they do not conceal their emotions and they are very interesting to talk to. In order to be successful with a girl, a guy should be charismatic.

Instagram:e_r_o_s_h_i_k Alexander Chernavskiy Sul’hiya, 21Once a guy approached me and grabbed my wrist. He should exude energy and positivity but in a polite manner.

En español │After 20 years, you're single again and, heaven help you, on the brink of dating.

Approach that work colleague you always thought was kinda cute? And once you do score a date, what should you expect in terms of s-e-x?

Usually, they ask if it’s possible to get to know me better (a standard line in Russia), I say “no” and this is how it ends.

Honestly, the first thing a young man should ask is whether the girl has a boyfriend and only then try to catch her attention in one way or another.

One thing is clear: If the girl wants to share her number she will, if she doesn’t - no matter what a man does, no matter how creative he is, it won’t help.

Instagram:Alexander Chernavskiy Anna, 18The creepiest line I’ve ever heard from a man who apparently wanted to get my phone number was “Nice boobs.”Yet not all men act like this. Instagram:ann_space_ Alexander Chernavskiy Marina, 18 (right) Violetta, 18 (left)Marina: About two weeks ago a boy tried to pick me up.

Sometimes you meet a nice guy and he’s so sweet in his attempts to make you like him. He put a note on my table in Mac Donald's which said “Write down your number.” It wasn’t the most creative attempt so I didn’t share my number.

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Needless to say we didn’t want to spend any longer with this man.