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Dating outside your faith

I can’t promise you that making the right decision will magically lead Mr. And you’ll be on your way, again, to being the kind of person another godly person will want to marry.

Kim Myers, focusing on Jude 3-4, which cautions us to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints, warns that there are many false teachers who would attempt to turn the grace of God into lasciviousness.

Although dating isn’t marriage, it’s the first clear step toward it.

And while God designed marriage to give us joy, on an even deeper level he created it to reflect his relationship with us (Ephesians -33).

And it gets harder and harder to find your way out. I see why men and women who are ultimately not compatible end up together.

In twenty years, I’ve – not even once – seen it go well for either person. I’m not saying you have to text your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance(e) before you finish this sentence. After you end the relationship, there’s going to be a huge vacuum in your life.

Very few things in life are more exciting than a relationship that’s heading toward marriage!

At the same time, relationships are anything but easy, so we need to learn from those who have gone before us.

While my wife and I don’t have anything like a perfect marriage, we’ve had a little experience (since 1998) now. And – somehow – a number of couples have told us our marriage and counsel about relationships have benefited them.

So, over time, I’ll be covering many of the key areas we cover in our premarital and pre-engagement counseling.

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Each of you have deeply different commitments at the core of your lives, and eventually that will cause insurmountable problems for you both. But reading this post is an opportunity for freedom, so commit – to yourself – to end the relationship and decide when you’re going to do it. Everything will be pulling you back in, away from the freedom you’ve just begun to taste.

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