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Dating men with baggage

Your partner wants someone they feel truly connected to.They want to feel how much you care, trust, and respect them.So instead, I want to show you how you can do your best avoid future pain without poisoning your relationships along the way.When you cautiously begin new relationships, your underlying fears influence those connections.I’ve watched countless people try to protect themselves in relationships. The law of attraction states, “like attracts like”.So when you push your emotional baggage onto others, you attract people who often struggle with those same issues.When I was a teenager, I was terrified my girlfriend at the time would leave me or cheat on me. I didn’t want her hanging around male coworkers or classmates. She indulged me initially and acted happy on the surface.On the inside, she was miserable and waiting to run.

Whatever the combination, when two people project and take on each other’s emotional baggage, it only leads to one thing… Someone who is secure and mature won’t tolerate unnecessary drama.You’ll attract people who are also jealous and controlling.You’ll connect with people who need to test you and play games due to their insecurities.He panicked when she didn’t reply to his texts right away.His neediness soon became too much for his new girlfriend and she left him for it.

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She thought it would make her more valuable in his eyes.