Dating marriage romantic

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The lyrics say,"Do you love me do you want to be my friend And if you do Well then don't be afraid to take me by the hand If you want to I think this is how love goes Check yes or no"Well, we all love our spouses and will check YES 100 x infinity! Continue Reading Fast Food Drive Through Date Raise your hand if life is cuh-razy! Continue Reading One of my favorite things in life is celebrating the little things! We have a bunch of ideas to make your next walk a little more special.

We know that between everything you've got going on (and everything you'd like to do in the future! We ourselves have ended up doing a quick fast-food run more times than we'd like to count, but there always seems to be something missing. For all of you on-the-run folks out there, we've created a fast, free, and totally fun date night... I love to do special breakfasts for random holidays and I love to decorate my house for every holiday imaginable.

After all, you have no idea what is going to happen! Continue Reading Picnic Ideas for Couples IT'S ALWAYS THE PERFECT TIME FOR A PICNIC DATE!

Continue Reading Cupcake Wars Printables and Ideas If you are a fan of the Food Network, I'm sure you've caught a few episodes of Cupcake Wars!

It's one of our favorite reality food competitions.

This could be laughably terrible, or you could find some really cool off-the-radar films. There's always something—tattoos, comics, music, etc.—around.125.

See if something interesting is around and grab tickets for a day. Pick up Mc Donald's, light some candles, put on something silky, and toast to greasy fries and everlasting love.

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Or make your own show (if you live in a place where it's legal).145. It's like going on a long drive, except on the water.146. Why be naked together in the comfort of your own home when you can be naked in front of a bunch of strangers?