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The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) reported the public prosecutor's office referred to investigative judges 98 alleged traffickers for further investigation; investigative judges charged and prosecuted 71 of these individuals, resulting in 33 convictions under the anti-trafficking law during the reporting period.These cases involved forced prostitution, forced labor of children and adults, including forced child street begging.The directorate of general security (DGS) investigated 51 potential trafficking cases, the same as in 2015.Among the 51 cases, 14 involved visa holders and four were referred to judicial or law enforcement authorities for further investigation.The government lacked a law that prohibited or penalized confiscation of workers' passports or travel documents by employers or labor agents.In 2016, the internal security forces (ISF) anti-trafficking unit investigated 20 cases of suspected trafficking, involving 87 victims of sexual exploitation and child trafficking, and referred 26 suspected traffickers to the judiciary; this was an increase from 14 ISF investigations in 2015.The government did not formally adopt draft procedures for the identification and referral of victims to NGO services; in practice, officials continued to identify and refer trafficking victims to care on an ad hoc basis.

The government continued to partner with NGOs to provide essential services to victims, and it took proactive steps to address the demand for commercial sex acts and prevent incidents of sex trafficking.The government did not directly provide protection services to trafficking victims but continued to work in cooperation with NGOs to provide essential victim services.A longstanding MOU between the government and an NGO required DGS to refer victims to an NGO-run safe house and provide security for the location.Prescribed penalties for sex trafficking and forced labor range from five to 15 years imprisonment, which are sufficiently stringent and commensurate with those prescribed for other serious crimes, such as rape.Nevertheless, government officials and NGOs reported most judges lacked understanding of the anti-trafficking law and knowledge of best practices for handling trafficking cases.

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Moreover, Lebanon's sponsorship system, which places a significant amount of power in the hands of employers of foreign workers, remained a significant impediment to authorities identifying and protecting trafficking victims.

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