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Dating groundwork community

The average age in Pahrump is 53 years old, which is 15 years older than Nevada’s average age of 38.The South is big on family values, so it’s surprising to see good ol’ Tennessee on this list of broken and blended families.Over 19,000 people call Connersville home, and 16.8% of those residents are divorced.The state of Indiana is a traditionally conservative and predominantly white area with strong Midwestern values, and Connersville is no exception. It might be because Connersville is also among the poorest areas in the state with a median household income of ,356 (as opposed to Indiana’s median household income of ,314).“It was a place for me to hang my hat for awhile.” Next on our list, we have Connersville, the largest and only incorporated town in Fayette County, Indiana.This is an old manufacturing town established in 1813 by John Conner.The median income for a household in Taos is around ,000, and the per capita income is ,983.

It’s less well-known for its divorces, but census data shows that New Mexico’s Soul of the Southwest has more divorcees than most towns do. The town also has an uncommonly high percentage of never-married singles — 32.2% of residents have never tied the knot.Maybe Taos residents are simply too artsy and adventurous to settle down for long.Or maybe low income is keeping singles from building a family.The vacation destination may attract divorcees looking to start over and create a new life, or maybe carefree island life just doesn’t lend itself to relationship-building.After all, why anchor yourself down when you can float freely in such a beautiful area?

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The town has a total population of 19,225 people, and 30.1% of residents live below the poverty line.