Dating girl with boyfriend

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Just to warm her up, you start off by narrating the time you ripped your pants off while trying to jump into a girl’s house. If you find that she’s just using you as her Man Friday when he’s not around, walk out. Don’t go trailing her at every opportunity you get.

Just as long as you open up, she will too, and you know what, she’s going to love talking to you! If you really want to steal a girlfriend, you need to keep it slow, and talk to her once in a while, at least once a day if you work at the same place, or alternate days or less if it’s over the phone. Drive her to work if you can, give her the attention, and basically, treat her like a princess when you’re together.

The next time you talk to her, tell her the story about a man who doesn’t open doors for women, and how annoying that is. Unless you know him on first-name basis, refer to him as ‘your boyfriend’ when you talk to her.

You go from changing their diapers, to teaching them how to tie their shoes, to eventually helping them understand dating and love.

After all, if she has a boyfriend, you really do need to steal a girl from her guy and you can’t do that without all the details.

So in this part, I’m going to tell you the five not-so-obvious moves and the five sneaky dirty things you can do to steal a girlfriend from right under her guy’s nose.

So when you’re talking to her once in a while, there’s a fair chance that he’d end up joining the conversation too.

Don’t lose your enthusiasm here, but stay away from flirty comments.

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