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So it would seem that today’s youth is indeed having more casual sex, and less romantic sex, than the previous generation.

However, if there had been some profound shift toward more casual sex, we should find differences in general patterns of sexual behavior, such as the current cohort having more sex and more partners overall.

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It also creates a sense that hooking up has replaced traditional dating as the primary means of developing and maintaining relationships among young people, especially college students. Or did previous generations have casual hookups just as often, but just didn’t talk about it as much? Social research on hookups has exploded over the last decade.

However, very little research compares trends in casual sex over time, and even less involves national samples of people, as opposed to the typical convenient set of college students.

Finally, somewhat more people these days (10 to 15 percent) report sex with a friend or casual date/pick-up, but they do not report more sexual partners or more frequent sex overall.

This suggests there may be a modest shift toward casual sex, but it’s a tendency toward replacing some regular partners with more casual partners—not adding more partners.

For the purposes of this study, the researchers limited their analyses to young adults (ages 18–25) who had completed at least one year of college.The Chicken Littles were proved wrong, but do we stop to consider those facts when making public policy, including harsh, punitive laws? Young people today are no more casual about sex than were their parents' generation and they too will grow up, raise families, and run their countries and communities, eventually becoming grandparents and stepping aside for the young to take over. "In fact, babyboomers across those countries provide the largest longterm studies researchers..." - Where is the proof again?Still, these social hysterias are drummed up by media outlets to sell, thus, the facts provided by researchers, responsible authors, and just plain what is right under everyone's noses will continue to be ignored. Give proof that they does provide the largest longterm data needed.It was predominantly Roman Catholic although this has been changing over the past 20 years.A large amount of cultural influence comes from the US through films, TV shows and music and therefore a large amount of what people do is based upon what they see their counterparts doing in the US.

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As you can see from the graph above, sexually active respondents from the current era were more likely than those from the earlier era to report sex with a casual date/pickup or friend, and slightly less likely to report sex with a spouse/regular partner.

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