Dating childless man

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It might be tempting to create a tight-knit family unit, but it can be damaging to children psychologically when both biological parents are involved in their lives, warns psychologist Ruwa Sabbagh in "5 Things to Consider Before Dating Someone Who Has Kids" in Canadian Living.

You can play an important role, being involved and helping to guide the children's lives, but stay away from wanting to replace their mother.

There is a thin line between being involved in the lives of your partner's children and assuming a motherly role and overstepping your boundaries.You don’t want to commit to a man who will brush off plans with his children to sneak out for a date with you.Attending his youngster's little league championship will outweigh an afternoon at the movies, and tending to sore tummies will cancel out a romantic weekend trip at a moment's notice.I am successful & I am very driven so are my kids... It is taking the woman, and accepting the extra baggage that are the children.but I want to find a Dad figure...should I just rule out childless men? You have to ensure that you are compensating for the extra cost, stress, lost opportunity, etc that you are bringing into the relationship.

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I just want a kind, generous guy..yes, loves kids and wants to raise more with me. Vast majority of dudes who will date a single mom are bad in one way or the other.

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