Daemon tools stuck on updating virtual devices

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This allows the user to keep their shared storage pool devices.The rolling updates enhancement allows the user to apply Update Release to the VIOS logical partitions in the cluster individually without causing an outage in the entire cluster.However, if you use SDDPCM, you can still enable a single boot update by using the alternate method described at the following location: SDD and SDDPCM migration procedures when migrating VIOS from version 1.x to version 2.x After the VIOS migration is complete, from 1. X, you must set the Processor Folding, described here under "Migration DVD": Instructions to disable Processor Folding are detailed at the link below.See the "Migration DVD" section: Virtual I/O Server support for Power Systems VIOS Update Release may be applied directly to any VIOS with a level above 2.1.0.Run the lsvg rootvg command, and then ensure there is enough free space.Example: $ lsvg rootvg VOLUME GROUP: rootvg VG IDENTIFIER: 00f6004600004c000000014306a3db3d VG STATE: active PP SIZE: 64 megabyte(s) VG PERMISSION: read/write TOTAL PPs: 511 (32704 megabytes) MAX LVs: 256 FREE PPs: 64 (4096 megabytes) LVs: 14 USED PPs: 447 (28608 megabytes) OPEN LVs: 12 QUORUM: 2 (Enabled) TOTAL PVs: 1 VG DESCRIPTORS: 2 STALE PVs: 0 STALE PPs: 0 ACTIVE PVs: 1 AUTO ON: yes MAX PPs per VG: 32512 MAX PPs per PV: 1016 MAX PVs: 32 LTG size (Dynamic): 256 kilobyte(s) AUTO SYNC: no HOT SPARE: no BB POLICY: relocatable PV RESTRICTION: none INFINITE RETRY: no If you are planning to update a version of VIOS lower than 2.1, you must first migrate your VIOS to VIOS version 2.1.0 using the Migration DVD.If you have already encountered the issue, the following steps can be taken to recover: If you encounter this issue and do not feel comfortable attempting the recovery stems yourself, would like assistance or guidance from IBM, or encounter additional problems, please contact our support team for assistance.Be sure to heed all minimum space requirements before installing.

To take full advantage of all the function available in the VIOS, it may be necessary to be at the latest system firmware level.

Update Release, like all VIOS Update Releases, can be applied to either HMC-managed or IVM-managed VIOS.

Update Release updates your VIOS partition to ioslevel

The updated VIOS logical partitions cannot use the new SSP capabilities until all VIOS logical partitions in the cluster are updated.

To upgrade the VIOS logical partitions to use the new SSP capabilities, ensure that the following conditions are met: There is now a method to verify the VIOS update files before installation.

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