Cyberstalking online dating

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It could also be an ex-lover who wants to get back at you or a disgruntled colleague who is jealous of your accomplishments.

He could be a loner at your school who has a major crush on you or a complete stranger who saw you at the mall. Emma Short from the National Centre for Cyberstalking Research, cyber stalkers often “tend to be quite anxious and could be suffering from anxiety, depression, stress or another addiction.

The woman found out about the identity theft when a man contacted her, and told her they had arranged a casual meeting through the dating website

Shortly after that encounter, another man called her and pretty much said the same thing.

Cyberstalkers can be either strangers or people you know (sometimes ex-partners), and there are many different motives.

Unfortunately, it has done the same for criminals, especially cyber-stalkers.

Let’s take a look at one of the earliest reported case about cyberstalking.

Back in 2003, a woman in the US sought protection from the authorities after a cyber-stalker had gotten hold of her personal information such as her physical description and location, and was handing it out to men on an online dating website.

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The term can also apply to a regular stalker who uses modern technology to trace, locate and follow their victim and their movements more easily.

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