Craigslist dating websites scams sex dating in burg illinois

Posted by / 17-Aug-2020 21:50

Craigslist  dating websites scams

WHY IT’S (LIKELY) A SCAM: If a person sends you a check or money order worth much more than what you’re selling, that’s a major red flag that a deal is too good to be true.

To put pressure on you to do so, they may also claim that they have already shipped the items that you want to purchase.They may also (falsely) claim that you need to provide them with a confirmation code so that they can accept the money from you.WHY IT’S (LIKELY) A SCAM: Almost everyone on Craigslist who asks you to pay for items through money orders is a scammer.WHY IT’S (LIKELY) A SCAM: None of these third-party certifications mean anything on Craigslist.Transactions are intended to be between buyers and sellers only; the other person shouldn’t need anyone else’s guarantee for you to trust that they’re dealing fairly.

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In addition, many third-party online “escrow” services that process payments and hold on to money for people making transactions are run by scammers.