Consolidating airline points

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Consolidating airline points

Converting 10,000 American miles into Midwest’s program would yield a measly 988 miles, a loss of 90 percent of the original miles.

Worse, exchanging 10,000 US Airways miles would net a mere 488 miles in Frontier’s program, about a 95 percent loss.

You can usually credit paid flights from all the airlines in an alliance to any other airline in the same alliance.

For example, you can credit your flights on Finnair, Qantas, or Royal Jordanian to American Airlines.

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Note: You can NOT transfer your airline miles to another airline. You can NOT combine the American Airlines “dollars” with the British Airways “pounds.” But…

And you can NOT combine airline miles from 2 or more different airlines. You CAN use the British Airways “pounds” to buy an American Airlines FLIGHT, paying the rate that’s charged in British Airways “pounds” instead of the rate charged in American Airlines “dollars.” You’ll check the “exchange rate” by looking at the award charts.

As with, the exchange rate is brutal, typically yielding only 20 to 30 percent of the original number of miles after the transfer.Aside from, the two venerable mileage-conversion options involve two-step processes through the programs of Hilton and Diners Club.First, airline miles are converted to points, in the Hilton HHonors or Diners Club Rewards programs.The first option that has to be mentioned is because its primary business is the exchange of miles and points among participating programs.The list of North American airline programs partnered with’s Swap program is limited to Air Canada Aeroplan, Alaska Mileage Plan, American AAdvantage, Delta Sky Miles, Frontier Early Returns, Hawaiian’s Hawaiian Miles, Midwest’s Midwest Miles, and US Airways Dividend Miles.

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Then those points are redeemed for miles in another program.

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