Computer updating software

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Computer updating software

Second, tweets from your lists do not show up in your primary feed.Nowadays, every developer market their apps in social media to gain traction, customer feedback, and news updates.Every developer website has a blog where they talk about what’s included in a minor or a major release.You can subscribe to their blog in your feed reader.Software related bugs are a part of computing life.Developers usually release new versions of a software either by removing some bugs, patching security vulnerabilities, or by introducing new features.

When you view this list, you’ll see all the tweets from those accounts.

Some check for updates only on demand; those that do automatically, do not have this feature turned on.

Some apps simply download an file and expect you to open it and run the installer; or some do nothing but open a webpage with links to your updates.

Visit your favorite app website, and see whether they have accounts in social media link or not.

Every Twitter account has a unique domain name and handle.

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