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So many talented artists have contributed to this and I’m frequently amazed!Including Carl Morgans, whose work you will be seeing a lot of in this book and hopefully in the future!For now, if you haven’t already, check out our Comix Central Store HERE————UPDATE ON THE SUPERS #2 CROWDFUNDER - WE’VE HIT A BIG MILESTONE, CHUGGING ALONG AND MAKING HEADLINES (at least the ones we write…).Check out our progress here———UPDATE: I was interviewed on a great podcast, Press Start to Join, talking about The Supers and the Crowdfunder for The Supers #2…take a listen here———THE SUPERS #2 CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN IS NOW LIVE!!!————UPDATE I’m doing another Movie-A-Day Blog during the month of July, to check out the blog scroll up and click on the “Blog” tab or just click HERE…————UPDATE: Here is the latest artwork from Ricky Gunawan, who has done another great variant cover for The Supers #2.This one was inspired by George Perez (like a lot of stuff in my books) and his cover to The New Teen Titans #1 from 1980…I love that Ricky changed the aliens’ hands to microphones from the media.

From the planning stage, to black and white to now colour, it’s tremendous work!Check out his site HERE————UPDATE: Well, it’s all done now, our Crowdfunder is complete, we didn’t hit our goal, so that means we didn’t raise the funds we needed, but that just means it will take a little longer to get the book made, that’s all! There are LOTS of updates to come, new artwork is coming in fast and furious and it’s hard to keep track!I just had two stories completed and both are great, more on those to come!This is from a brand new story called “Moving Day for The Supers”.More story details to come…plus news on when The Supers Volume 2 will be published!!!

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; Wrestlemon" and we wish him well at the ceremonies in Montreal in July!