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Posted by / 11-May-2020 06:40

Dang kids wandering around our lawns with their naughty bits hanging out. Young people think they know everything about everything because they google it. Unfortunately, smart is the last thing many of them are.Connect with thousands of gay, bi, and curious guys on Funyo gay random chat.

You will find thousands of guys using the Funyo random gay chat from all backgrounds, countries, and cultures.

Moments after I took the time to actually read the warning blurb, that's when I got hit with the ban.

Again, a photo of myself exposed was taken for review.

I do not now, and I never will, understand why so many people find it necessary to expose themselves/send pictures of their genitalia to people on the internet that they don't know.

That being said, count me among those who think you've been scammed.

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It's why I stopped doing this junk for the most part last year and I made the mistake of giving it a go again this morning. TL; DR I went to Chatrandom, a site I was under the impression was for adults for random video cybersex (based on word of mouth and past experiences using the site) and was banned because I failed to read the Terms of Service about exposure. This was the only time I used the site this year, so I was unware if any changes were made.