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Charles earl of spencer dating

In that moment, if the people of Britain had been responsible for the princes' fate, the boys would have been immediately entrusted to their uncle's care, rather than returned to the austere affections of the royals.

Back then, young Prince William looked very like his uncle -- both tall, blond, full of aristocratic dash -- and as the rumours surrounding Diana's death grew increasingly lurid, the Earl was seen as the strongest defence against the lonely fate awaiting the two young men among their father's people.

Three weeks after that ended -- apparently at her instigation for a change -- he started seeing Bianca, Lady Eliot, beautiful, vulnerable mother of three and widow of bohemian aristo Lord Jago Eliot, the Earl of St German's heir.

The couple had married at Glastonbury in 2001, and Jago died in his bath of an epileptic fit just four years later, with traces of cannabis and cocaine in his system.

Meanwhile, the sheen has rubbed right off Charles Spencer.

The royal family have weathered the storm sparked by Diana's death, the princes have grown into easy-going, impressive young men -- without much obvious input from their uncle -- and William is now the image of his father.

In fact, his personality seems to closely resemble Diana's -- moving swiftly between warm affection and aloofness, though without her sense of humour and easy empathy -- and he is undeniably more thrilled with chase and conquest than consistency.

His relationships follow a set pattern of furious courtship, studded with extravagant romantic gestures, followed by a fairly rapid cooling off and boredom. Although undeniably a bad husband, Charles Spencer is clearly a romantic.

Because as William prepares for his wedding to Kate Middleton, a relationship that is romantic as well as sensible, Charles Spencer is also getting ready to marry, but for the third time.

His looks have faded and a couple of unpleasant divorces have badly tarnished his image, but there is clearly no shortage of women ready to be swept off their feet by a man who is impetuous to the point of rashness in his romantic affairs.

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