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If attached, be Tealistic about the direction in which your relationship is going, then take steps to improve it. Aries (March 21-April 19): Though you are determined and are capable of excellent communication, an underlying element of confusion runs rampant, whether you like it or not. ★★★★★Gemini (May 21-June 20): Questions are necessary, but how they are received depends on your attitude and phrasing. Take a walk while evaluating a key money decision and new information. A partner might mean well, but he only adds an element of confusion. (CC) 2151602 Late Night (): Norm Macdonald, Roshumba, Placebo.Careful steps involving career and money will prevent chaos. 2445756 Cops () (CC) 7151468 Newlywed Game 9351447 Late Late Show () (CC) (S) 2462756 Charlie Rose (CC) (S) 44468 Late Night () (R) (CC) (S) 2459282 Paid Prog. ‘‘Everybody Loves Raymond”: One of TV’s best comedies spent its first years being overlooked. Quietly and carefully, it pokes at the human nature of families. - Compiled by Cathy Miller TELEVISION Mike Hughes ‘Raymond’ fills two time slots Here is a look at some of the best programs that will air on television tonight.Our Vision: Creating communities where aging is honored and celebrated.

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A trusted associate comes through for you; be willing to let him control, right now. 10 years ago today: In 1989, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development agreed preliminarily to fund a .4 million renovation job at the Vine Street and Connor towers, Johnstown Housing Authority officials said.

You might not feel sure of yourself Others’ feedback might reveal confusion on both your parts. In May, 7,000 or 6.6 percent of the available workers where without jobs.

Christian Living Communities provides a wide-array of housing options, services, and programs to enrich the lives of older adults, their families, and the greater community.

Christian Living Communities is a mission-driven, Colorado-based, not-for-profit organization enriching older adult lives since 1972.

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The front wall of the building had been only about two feet from the curb-line. 20 years ago today: In 1979, unemployment in Cambria and Somerset counties climbed to 9,100 last month or 8.3 percent of the labor force.

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