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Brenda Kiselewski 11 July 2019 Reply I just heard parts of this song while on hold on a phone call, lol!

I hope we meet, I hope you will, Just take a chance. Kind of reminded me of Portugal the Man with Feel It Still.

The rylics go like this:jambele my heart,it's the cloud it's rain whats happen it's so strange,loving you there is no wrong all my emptiness is gone Anonymous 12 July 2019 Reply Hey there looking for a song, not sure if it was made up by my parents and their friends but it went something like I don't want to go home I don't want to go home I'm having too much fun Send the bartender home Send the bartender home.......

Kenny 12 July 2019 Reply Hi, I'm really hoping someone knows the song I'm talking about, I heard it on the radio while drive once I emailed and looked all over the website of this radio station and was not able to find it.

The lyrics are "Never going down, never going down. It's newer song, kina pop, all i remembered were lyrics: oh mother mary do you hear me.... it says something about a girl falls in love with a boy but he has to go off to war and she doesnt know when she will get so hold his hand again (or a boys hand again). hmu Namtan 15 July 2019 Reply I’m looking for a song that I’ve listened on Jan last year. I can’t remember about this song but I found the picture that I took from my computer and I wonder what is this song ( the photo is the lyrics video that’s why I can’t find the song. I need to find this song that says " Baby I should know... The song has an 80's-90's beat but it's from 2010's era. Its been stuck in my head and I can't find it anywhere.

also she says his name (its some popular name like jonny or billy) im pretty sure. oh oh oh/ something there you go” hahaha understand this. Sorry for my bad english Megan 15 July 2019 Reply Looking for a song by a female singer that has different instrumental music at the beginning then she says something like switch the beat up or let’s change it up and beat changes completely. Michelle G 18 July 2019 Reply This is probably not it, but when I saw these lyrics I thought of Sarah Mc Lachlan's Do What You Have to Do. Thanks ella 🙃 15 July 2019 Reply So I've been trying to find this song for a while, but I can't seem to make out enough lyrics. It's a pop song and I don't know what's the title of it. leah 15 July 2019 Replylooking for a rap song by a girl that goes, "wont fight over niggas we replace then. wont argue with no bitch about some dick.""dont ask me bout no nigga in my past tense if we fucking shit im tryna make you my last nigga" Aaron 15 July 2019 Reply This is possibly a rock power ballad type song from the late 80s or early 90s I think.

And she wishes she would have fought to save him from leaving. cbostanci 13 July 2019 Reply Today I heard a pop song in a store; Lyrics like "Hook up baby hook up; come and join this party I will be really naughty."I could not find it. don't even care The song is most likely of the emo, punk or rock genre, the singer is male. Admittedly, I’m not entirely sure “can’t love you anymore” is correct. like how you fell for someone else” Amaya 14 July 2019 Reply I cannot for the life of me find this song and it’s killing me. I was in Walmart the other night and heard this song. The main verse had “that you would take away my heartbeat/hurting” not positive and either search is coming up empty handed. The song I'm looking for has a music video and I know the bad name is one word and starts with an S.i could be wrong but those were how the words sounded like Anna 17 July 2019 Replydrawing a major blank on the main chorus and lyrics (or else i'd be googling the lyrics) its a newer (2016-2018?) rap song, male artist and of course i only remember a random part where he stops rapping, asks his friend if he's gonna be ok, you hear the friend get sick and the main artist says a few things then its back to the music then makes an apology to his mom about having been high/drunk (no its not an Eminem song) and yes the most odd part to remember haha but its the only part i remember. Anna 17 July 2019 Reply Another version of the song "mask off" by future.but you don't know me" it's a particularly wonderful song. Please help me find it Nga shey rab 16 July 2019 Reply Hi. Babe as long as i'm with you" it is an 80's song i guess because of its beat.Shadrach Bako 16 July 2019 Reply I am looking for song I heard in a movie with lyrics that goes like this: "I just wanna tell you how I feel, I don't care if it's wrong or right, it's the way I feel inside, I just wanna show you I how I feel..." Liviu 16 July 2019 Reply I'm looking for a song i heard a while ago I just can't remmber the name ot it. Please help me find this song female voice acoustic guitar : "We got good things coming, put your faith in me, so keep on going, we've got good things coming our way Liviu 16 July 2019 Reply I'm looking for a song i heard a while ago I just can't remmeber the name ot it. Its a mix of hiphop and the chorus is sang by a female with that lyrics.. I only have a few lyrics because the anime talks over it. I've been on an insane manhunt for this song and still are having troubles. Luisa Natoli 17 July 2019 Replyi am looking for a song i heard on "The Test" episode of Melrose Place: Female singer, 90's: I won't sleep until you're back where you belong Only wish it was a dream I can't rest until you're back where you belong Anybody know this song?

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]" But they say something about "what's the deal now honey?