Bi sexual chat lines in detroit excel cell formatting not updating

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Bi sexual chat lines in detroit

The aim was for each character to have specific lines when they were reviving another character after being shot, Axton for example was supposed to have a small chance of flirting with the (at the time) lone female character you could play as when he tried help them while they were bleeding out.Because as well know, the absolute best time to pick up a girl is when she’s lying on the floor with a bullet wound in her abdomen.With this in mind, Burch got in contact with Axton’s voice actor and had him record new dialogue for the character to make his bisexuality a little more obvious and then went ahead and made this facet of his character official in terms of canon.Of course after this was announced Burch got a of hate-mail from a fans who didn’t like that they’d been tricked into playing through the game as a bi-sexual character, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the not noticing or caring about Axton’s sexuality was supposed to be the fucking point.But hey, the kind of people who complain about that sort of thing tend to be dickheads anyway, so we can’t really be surprised that they got freaked out when a guy who likes having sex with men women was in their game about shooting giant robots with exploding laser guns.

features an equally as white and male protagonist who also likes dudes, and he’s arguably way cooler because he can summon a turret that fires lasers from nowhere.

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