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Best online dating profile pictures for men

via GIPHY It’s been a while since high school English, so you may not feel like your writing skills are as sharp these days.

Add to that the fact that our attention spans are insanely short, and no man is going to want to read a wall of text on your profile.

(Guys, this why you should always smile.) While 80 percent of the photos scientists analyzed were posed, candid shots are 15 percent more likely to score you a like.

Finally, if you’re trying to decide between a full-on color shot or classic black and white, go with the latter.

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—Your profile pictures are your first impression on any dating site. And more importantly, do those photos show the authentic you? If they’re turned off by less-than-ideal photos, you’ve lost your chance for a match before they even have time to say “thank you, next!

Beach photos also don’t go over well—men are 80 percent less likely to receive likes on these.

Women get the most likes when they wear their hair up, smile with teeth, look away, and stand alone. According to the study results, it’s best to smile without showing your teeth (you’re 43 percent more likely to receive a like than your teeth-baring counterparts), look at the camera, and pose by yourself.

Keep looking at profiles and swiping on anyone you think is interesting. of women post pics of them doing yoga or on hiking on a mountain. Maybe put up a photo of you belting out karaoke or hanging with friends at a lantern festival.

Instead, break up the content into short paragraphs so that they’re easy to digest.

You could have one on: So part of online dating is being okay with starting a conversation with a complete stranger that you’ve matched with.

”Here are 10 tips for selecting the best pictures for your dating profiles.

Whether you’re using, Zoosk, Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, or another site, these tips will help you get you more matches and help set you up for success in the long run. Photos of you getting active will score you loads of success — according to Hinge, they get more likes than almost any other type of photo (75% more on average)!

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