Being so accomodating

Posted by / 15-Sep-2019 15:52

Being so accomodating

a fun place to be, and even worse when you're seated between a couple talking over you while passing things back and forth to each other.

It was irritating and disrespectful, to say the least.

He didn't insult my approach, just stated that it's hardcore and intimidating to a lot of people.

He's probably right, but me making a soft, mainstream fitness DVD is like asking Harley to model his musical style after Justin Timberlake in order to hit the mainstream market! It means not being genuine, and when you're not genuine people pick up on it.

By Mike Mahler"I don't think you were put here to please everybody; that would be horrible.

You have to have some kind of a stand and stand against something as well.

From an early age we're taught to accommodate others at the expense of ourselves.The problem with always accommodating the needs of others is you stop taking risks, and begin to live your life like a spineless politician who has to take a poll before any decision.If you only take action after getting validation from others, then you'll never live fully.In a recent episode of , actor Matt Damon said that winning an Academy Award shouldn't be the focus of an actor--the focus should be the craft itself and doing the best job possible.The best job possible comes from being genuine, and in the moment, rather than being focused on approval from others.

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You're no longer a real person, but a pinball in the game of life being thrown from one side of the table to the other--not an empowering way to live, to say the least.