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Forget the expensive cramped hotel, our fully furnished apartment comes equipped with refrigerator, stove, microwave, plush Queen size bed, Wi-Fi, and a flat screen TV, on site laundry, and more.Seventy Two hour free parking allows for protected, covered hassle free parking regardless of the season as well as private parking in the rear of the building.

I haven't checked out online dating yet..sure if I will.

Coming from dusty hot, concrete Phoenix I was amazed.

Sioux Falls is beautiful, clean, well kept, and in winter then it's brownish on the sides of roadways.

So..there it is.personal observations of Sioux Falls...there are jobs here, there is green here, there is new development and growth, this city has potential Thanks for reading Dakotan_returns I would call your rendition of Sioux Falls a very accurate depiction of the place.

One nice thing about the city is it's within easy driving distance of great recreation areas for fishing (northeast SD, the Missouri River) and general water fun (Missouri River and the Iowa Great Lakes).

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