Add agency dating link suggest

Posted by / 08-Sep-2020 10:42

Add agency dating link suggest

We have launched a new guide to help social influencers stick to the rules by making clear when their posts are ads.

The Influencer’s Guide has been developed in collaboration with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

"If celebrities or influencers are posting about a product on social media, they must make it clear if they've been paid to promote it, or have been gifted, loaned a product or thanked in some other way by a brand.Consumers must always be aware when they are being advertised to, and both brands and influencers have a responsibility to ensure the content makes that reality clear upfront.Failure to disclose a commercial relationship leaves both parties at risk of action from the ASA.Influencer marketing has evolved alongside the rise of social media and mobile technology into an increasingly popular advertising tool.Brands engage with people who are popular on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to discuss, photograph and/or recommend a product.

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