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I would encourage all students with psychiatric disabilities to contact the office on their campus that provides services for students with disabilities.Under provincial human rights codes, reasonable and appropriate accommodations are your right, not a privilege.Many more self-identified students are now earning degrees, not only at the undergraduate level, but at the masters and Ph D levels.However, no matter the academic level, students with psychiatric disabilities benefit from extra support.

After undergoing Lasik, I can now see things brighter than before. Finally, I can see clearly without eyeglasses or contacts. They evaluated my eyes with state of the art technology. On the day of my surgery, the staff really took good care of my eyes and made me feel comfortable. They follow up on every patient making usre they're doing well.

Boy, I was vacuuming up a storm when I first noticed it.

The small hole near the bottom of the wall was not new, but the gossamer, funnel-shaped web leading into it certainly was.

As a child, I was always collecting odd critters in jars which often ended up in the large bay window in our kitchen.

The results of one such episode are crystal clear in my now grown-up mind.

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