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You can pay your council tax bill online with a debit or credit card 24 hours a day, every day.

You will need your council tax account number to make a payment.

Payments are made in arrears, meaning the amount you receive each month is the payment for the prior month’s benefit.

Cal STRS benefit checks are sent in the mail or electronically if you have direct deposit.

Have your council tax account number ready when you call. You can pay your bill by cash, debit or credit card at any Post Office or by cash and debit card at a Pay Point outlet. Take your bill or notice with you as you will need the bar code on it to make your payment.

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To quote your 9 digit billing number which starts with a 4 and is shown on your bill.

In certain circumstances, council tax can be paid over 12 monthly instalments instead of the statutory 10 instalments.

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